Real Property

Our company has the education and experience to properly analyze the property (tangible or intangible) and the problem solving criteria, whether it be for valuation or consulting services. We will take the steps necessary to produce credible answers to the questions of valuation or opinions that provide an appropriate course of action with respect to consulting services. We specialize in appraisals for tax appeals, litigation, and estate planning. Our services also extend toward more general properties such as offices, retail properties, industrial facilities, auto dealership, and land.

Business Valuation

We perform these services for numerous special use properties such as golf courses, mineral extraction facilities, nursing homes, convenience stores, hotels & motels where tangible and intangible values are often merged. We also can provide business valuation for many small to mid-cap businesses.

Understanding The Problem

  • What is the value premise?
  • What is the interest to be appraised?
  • What is the intended use?
  • Who is the intended user?
  • What level of reporting is needed?
    • General Reporting
    • Litigation Quality Reporting

Respect of the client, honesty and


"We make every effort to research and analyze the characteristics of a property and its market potential that make it unique."